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Fifi article

Fifi Gets New Dancing Legs Through Crowdfunding ...

Fifi Gets New Dancing Legs Through Crowdfunding ......

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Company Culture in 20 Minutes | Great Place To Work Institute

I am sitting in a chair that reminds me of the famous “Royalty Chair” at Zappos, which I sat in when my team at Delivering Happiness toured the Zappos facilities last year in Las Vegas, Nevada. Here I am, one year later speaking with Dr. David Vik, a wildly-successful Chiropractor, turned Zappos Culture Coach, turned Chief Strategy Officer at Riviera Partners and author of a book called The Culture Secret. The book is about empowering people and workplaces, and helping create that WOW experience that has made the culture at Zappos so coveted.

Read more: Company Culture in 20 Minutes

Delivering happiness logo article

Fascinated & Fascinating: Be an Iconic Leader

Oct 29, 2013 ... by Svetlana Saitsky. To be an iconic leader is to be To be a leader is to be interested and interesting. To be a great leader is to be inspired and ......

Ekgeg1wnv article

How much knowledge is too much? - Blog

Whether you are trying to be a successful entrepreneur, parent or friend, it’s wise to calibrate your knowledge meter. How much knowledge is too much? Is there such a thing as having too much knowledge and if so, how do you know when knowing too much actually hurts you, rather...

Deeper Connection and Community Building Through Crowdfunding

Deeper Connection and Community Building Through Cr...

Mg 4686 article
Socially Superalitve

Outside Lands 2014 Music Festival in San Francisco

This is a guest post by Svetlana Saitsky. Outside Lands is more an experience than a festival. One might attend in order to hear awesome music, eat gourmet food and drink delicious beer, wine and spirits (or coconut water). Others might come to hang out with...

La playa carmel exterior article
Socially Superalitve

Escape to California: La Playa Carmel

Our goal was simple – to bring in new energy and let go of the old. 2014 was a year that tested both of us, and so, for the first day of 2015...

Behuman article

The Most Effective Sales Technique

You know how to listen. You know how to breath. You care about someone. You have passion. You've been hurt. There are things and people you love. And those you do not. You dream. You have goals and fears and aspirations.

Img 1774 article

OK, Glass - inspire me: a post about the positive impact tech has on our lives. - Blog

I recently got back from some travels, and as I walked around Germany, Italy, and my hometown near Washington, DC., I could not help but think about my relationship with technology and how it has evolved throughout the years. Living in San Francisco and working in Silicon Valley, I often...

Create opp article

Lessons & Opportunities

What being robbed taught me.

Cr me article

Embrace the Pull - Taking a nap led me to Google, Costa Rica & beyond...

We are not taught to surrender. We are taught to compete, to push through and get ahead. At least in the USA, this competitive every-man-for-himself driven mentality is what I grew up with. And I'm not going to try and convince anyone that this is or isn't the right way to be. I would like to offer up an alternative that I have been practicing for years.

Vitamin article

What Google, Zappos & Vitamin T taught me about company culture ...

Sliding down from floor 3 to 2 at Google San Francisco was fun. Really, it was. That slide was awesome, mostly because it ended at a photo booth. Sweet!

Samovar logo 905 article
Socially Superalitve

The Samovar Experience in San Francisco – Socially Superlative

Not surprising that Samovar’s mission is “Creating Positive Human Connection.” Within the few hours I spend with Jesse, I begin to connect with his story, and become wildly inspired.

Delivering happiness logo article

What Do You Care About? - Delivering Happiness

Sep 11, 2013 ... Svetlana Saitsky is a Creative Iconoclast who strives to inspire through her work as a photographer and writer. With her entrepreneurial spirit, ......

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The Front Porch Music Festival at Wente Vineyards – Socially ...

When conjuring Northern California’s Wine Country, what comes to mind? Napa or Sonoma, most likely. Instead of making a B-line for these well-worn paths, we decided to head out for an afternoon of wine and music to Livermore—a mere 45 minutes due East from San Francisco.